RISC OS software

This page contains a number of downloadable programs I've written or ported. They are all intended to be run on RISC OS computers. All of these programs should now be Iyonix compatible, and source code has been included where possible.

If you have any queries, bug reports or problems with any of them, please feel free to e-mail me. Some of the programs have been published in magazines, but in all cases I retain copyright of the material. There's no charge for using any of them. You can distribute altered versions, but I'd be interested to know if you do (just for my own curiosity!).

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  • Ghostly Ghostly
    Version 0.51 (20 Aug 2006) for RISC OS.
    Ghostly is a small utility that allows a transparent effect to be applied to windows, making it appear as if the pinboard image can be seen through the window. It originally appeared in the *Info column of Qercus magazine issue 278.
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Webalizer Webalizer
    Version 2.01 (14 Jan 2006) for RISC OS.
    The Webalizer is a GPL-licensed web log analysis program written by Bradford L. Barrett. According to its website, "The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser".
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • VNCserver VNCserver
    Version 0.08 (14 Jan 2006) for RISC OS.
    VNCserver is a 32-bit version of Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen's GPL VNC server module, for use on the Iyonix, with source included. It allows the Iyonix desktop to be used remotely from another machine across a network, using a VNC client such as ViNCe. The original 26-bit version can be found on Henrik's website.
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • OpenTTD OpenTTD
    Version 0.41 (13 Nov 2005) for RISC OS.
    This is a RISC OS port of the GPL-licensed OpenTTD game, which is itself a clone of the commercial Transport Tycoon Deluxe. In order to use it, you will need data files from the original commercial game.
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • ButtonBar ButtonBar
    Version 1.62 (23 Aug 2005) for RISC OS.
    ButtonBar allows you to easily create and use definable button bars for any program that accepts keyboard input. Buttons can simulate key presses, menu selections or *-commands and button bars are provided for many applications (Zap, Impression Junior, etc..). It won't teach any old dogs new tricks, but it will give their tricks pretty buttons. I'd also recommend a visit to Stewart Brookes's website to download some of his excellent buttons bars.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Igor Igor
    Version 0.01 (20 Aug 2005) for RISC OS.
    Igor is a simple Telnet server. It allows people to connect to your computer remotely and execute commands within the CLI environment provided by RISC OS. It's a really really early pre-alpha version, and is just here in case someone finds it useful or wants to improve it.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Compose Compose
    Version 0.52 (8 Jul 2005) for RISC OS.
    Compose is a visual programming language that uses hyper-pipes between applications to allow componentised applications to be built graphically. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • Beacon Beacon
    Version 0.52 (16 Jun 2005) for RISC OS and Windows.
    A couple of programs that allow servers to be converted into clients. The main component is a piece of software that sends connection requests to a specific machine on a regular basis, and acts as a proxy if connected to. Useful for accessing a server through a firewall or NAT. More info...
    Download: source.
  • TapirMail TapirMail
    Version 1.04 (12 Jan 2005) for RISC OS.
    A remote POP3 email client for RISC OS computers. It is ideally suited for people who want to check their mail on the move, or on multiple machines. The program is Shareware. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • armTeX armTeX
    Version 3.10 (14 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    LaTeX is a document preparation system ideally suited for typesetting mathematical and scientific documents. One of the ports of LaTeX for RISC OS is called armTeX, which I've recompiled to be 26/32-bit neutral to work with Iyonix machines. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • TeX Fonts TeX Fonts
    Version 3.10 (14 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    Font package for armTeX. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • BuTeX BuTeX
    Version 0.52 (5 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    Some button bars for use with DVIview and Zap that may be useful when working with armTeX/LaTeX. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • DVIView DVIView
    Version 1.03 (5 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    A DVI file viewer for use with armTeX. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • Decrypt Decrypt
    Version 1.01 (11 Sep 2004) for RISC OS and Windows.
    This set of programs is intended to be used for digital business cards. It allows files to be AES (Rijndael) encrypted, so that they are individually accessible only via single-use passwords (transmitted using 168 bit Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key swapping). In this way you can give people access only to certain parts of the information on the card. RISC OS and Windows front ends are included, and the code should compile for others, but requires the excellent MIRACL library.
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Libwww Libwww
    Version 5.40 (9 Sep 2004) for RISC OS.
    This is a version of the W3C Libwww web API library. The W3C describes it as "a highly modular, general-purpose client side Web API written in C... well suited for both small and large applications, like browser/editors, robots, batch tools, etc." There are also some useful example applications included. The versions here have been set up or compiled for RISC OS.
    Download: binary, source.
    Version 0.99 (9 Sep 2004) for RISC OS.
    This is a version of the XML-RPC-C API library, which allows you to make XML-RPC calls via the 'net. The XML-RPC-C website states that "XML-RPC is a quick-and-easy way to make procedure calls over the Internet. It converts the procedure call into XML document, sends it to a remote server using HTTP, and gets back the response as XML. This library provides a modular implementation of XML-RPC for C and C++." The versions here have been set up or compiled for RISC OS.
    Download: binary, source.
  • IDCard IDCard
    Version 1.01 (20 Aug 2004) for RISC OS and Windows.
    This is an example ID card implementation using AES (Rijndael) encryption, SHA hashing and discrete logarithmic asymmetric signing. Its important features are that cards cannot be forged, and personal data can only be verified using the card, it cannot be directly read from it. See the thoughts page for more details. Executables are included for RISC OS and Windows, and the code should compile for others, but requires the excellent MIRACL library. More info...
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Mellow Demo Mellow Demo
    Version 3.00 (16 Jun 2004) for RISC OS.
    A very small program which will display a set of random shots of the Mandelbrot set at various zoom levels, and then gently cycle the colours to provide a pleasingly nauseous effect.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • NoPaste NoPaste
    Version 0.51 (13 Jun 2004) for RISC OS.
    The new clipboard functionality in RISC OS Select 4.36 is very useful, but unfortunately it can cause double pasting in some icons. This is a small module intended to fix the problem.
    Download: binary.
  • CodeFlow CodeFlow
    Version 1.03 (13 Jun 2004) for RISC OS.
    A long distance game for two players which can be played on two unconnected computers without the need for modem, serial or any other physical links. How is this amazing feat achieved? You'll just have to download it to find out! I wrote this when my girlfriend and I were living in different counties and chess seemed too passé!.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Smart Quotes Smart Quotes
    Version 1.52 (13 Jun 2004) for RISC OS.
    A pair of very simple programs which will convert all quotes typed in at the keyboard into their sexed counterparts. I've seen other programs which have more features, but the biggest benefit of this version is that it is very simple and compact.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • VirtuDesk VirtuDesk
    Version 1.12 (13 Jun 2004) for RISC OS.
    Allows you to use multiple desktops. You can switch between them, effectively giving you a larger desktop area. Of course it's been done before, and almost certainly better, but VirtuDesk is a module of just 12k so it's pretty compact. It also now comes free with fourteen exciting configuration options.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • dy/dx dy/dx
    Version 1.00 (13 Jun 2004) for RISC OS and Symbian.
    This program will differentiate expressions algebraically. Just type in the expression, click on 'Differentiate' and the computer will do all of those intricate quotient rules for you! Included in the archive are versions for RISC OS and Symbian (Epoc32).
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • TwoMice TwoMice
    Version 1.02 (27 Apr 2004) for RISC OS.
    Solves the ever pressing difficulty -uncatered for by the modern computer industry- of using two mice pointers at once. Control one as normal (using the mouse) and direct the second using the keyboard keypad. Indispensable.
    Download: binary.
  • DirMenu DirMenu
    Version 1.00 (19 Apr 2003) for RISC OS.
    A small utility that will display a directory tree as a hierarchical menu, from which you can run applications, and open files and directories. Useful for producing file list button bar buttons, and no doubt also a solution to thousands of other pressing problems (I've not yet thought of any though!).
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Gutenberg Reformatter Gutenberg Reformatter
    Version 0.83 (20 Feb 2003) for RISC OS.
    Text downloaded from the Project Gutenberg website has fixed length lines. Viewing it in a text reader is often improved if linefeeds between paragraphs are removed. This program attempts to do this in an intelligent manner. It will also strip the Project Gutenberg header and footer.
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Castle Harenae Castle Harenae
    Version 1.01 (17 May 2000) for RISC OS.
    Castle Harenae is a two player maze-type game that can be played on one computer. More info...
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Castle Harenae Plugins 1 Castle Harenae Plugins 1
    Version 1.01 (17 May 2000) for RISC OS.
    The first plugin set for use with the Castle Harenae two player maze game. More info...
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Castle Harenae Plugins 2 Castle Harenae Plugins 2
    Version 1.01 (17 May 2000) for RISC OS.
    The second plugin set for use with the Castle Harenae two player maze game. More info...
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • ShowText ShowText
    Version 4.00 (30 Sep 1997) for RISC OS.
    Showtext is a tiny (1016 byte) application to display help files using splendid anti-aliased font technology. Text can also be displayed using various styles and effects. Included is a program for converting between Impression files and ShowText text files.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Desktop Art Desktop Art
    Version 1.00 (29 Jun 1996) for RISC OS.
    A pair of background and tools sprites which will give your desktop a more artistic feel! Choose between Mondrian or Pollock.
    Download: binary, screenshot.
  • Decide Decide
    Version 1.00 (26 Jul 1994) for RISC OS.
    Can't make that crucial decision? Then this is the program for you. Decide will effortlessly solve any deliberation problems by using a neuron linking decision procedure to tell you what to do.
    Download: source, screenshot.