Castle Harenae

Latest update: 11th May 2003. Current Version: 1.01

Find out why there have been no new updates recently...

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The Story

A game in progressA great hero of Cyparisseis in the Peloponnese, Fate decreed that you should suffer an untimely death at the hands of a god. But Hermes, god of luck who excels them all in subtle twists and tactics, chose you as his champion. He sought to defy Fate and prolong your mortal life.

Zeus, king of the gods, was persuaded by his son Hermes to create a second mortal, identical to you in every way, even in name. Hermes then set a challenge: to pit your wits against your other self.

Sent by Hermes to an island in the Icarian sea, each player must take control of the hero, and equipped with five skills endowed by the gods, must construct a maze for the other to complete. The quickest to complete the task and escape from his opponents maze will journey back to Cyparisseis as the victor and Hermes' champion. The loser will be left to satisfy the will of Fate; the unbending path of destiny.


The desktop frontendCastle Harenae has been designed to run on the Risc PC or A7000 range of computers. It should be StrongARM compatible and should also run on the new generation of RISC OS computers, however it has not been possible to test this yet. I'm still developing the game, so I intend to rectify any problems as soon as I become aware of them.

No version of Castle Harenae is currently available for Windows based PCs. If you want more information about RISC OS computers then I recommend visiting one of the following sites: Castle Techonology; RiscStation; MicroDigital.

Castle Harenae has one other important requirement: it's a two player game only, so you'll need someone to play it with!

How to get the game

You can download the game from this site by clicking on one of the icons in the box above marked 'Download the Game'. You will need to download both Game and Plugins1. The Plugins2 archive is optional, but highly recommended. Hopefully more sets of plugins will be posted in future which will extend the options available in the game (I still have plenty of ideas and not enough time...).

The files are stored in Zip Archives which must be de-archived using a suitable application before they can be used. For this you will need a program such as SparkPlug, the latest version of which can be found on the author David Pilling's website. Full instrutions about how to play the game are supplied in the Game archive.

Please e-mail me if you want any more information; I hope you enjoy playing Castle Harenae!


Castle Harenae is being released as freeware. This means that you are free to download, copy and generally distribute the game as long as all of the files are included and left unalterred. I retain copyright of all of the files included with the game and all of the plugins and so forth.

I am happy to supply interested parties with the source code for the game if you ask me nicely, and let me know why! I also have various programs to aid the development of plugins for the game in case anyone is interested, however please be warned that the format requires knowledge of ARM code and is not for the faint hearted (it's a bit messy).


VersionDateNotes and updates
0.7028 Apr 1999First test release. Contains the main game and front end code, which with a bit of luck wont need to be completely re-written!
0.8001 Jul 1999Hopefully this version will be StrongARM compatible (oops). Removed a few bugs from the front end. It's now possible to remove plugins individually. Created the CHMap filetype so that new layout maps can be loaded into the game. Wrote the plugins to allow new maps to be created. Wrote a couple of other new plugins.
0.9014 Nov 1999High scores, a neater interface and sound have all been added in this release. Settings are now saved to disc and the plugins have been extend to allow sounds to be added. A banner has also been added on start up. This is the final version before it becomes available. Next version everything must be perfect... (cough).
1.0010 Jan 2000The first proper release version. The filetypes used for plugins and maps have been changed to conform to RISC OS standards, a new help file has been added as has interactive help. Errors are trapped more fully so that the game no longer crashes if the choices file is read only! A couple of aesthetic bugs have been ironed out.
1.0102 Feb 2000Very minor update. Changed some SWI names to their X variants e.g. OS_SynchroniseCodeAreas to XOS_SynchroniseCodeAreas.
1.0117 May 2000No change to the main program, but six new plugins are now available by downloading the Plugins2 archive.

Please e-mail me if you find bugs, have ideas for the game or would like more info

Why have there been no updates for so long?

Castle Harenae was designed so that extra plugins could be written for it at any time, but unfortunately I've not had a chance to produce any new plugins since May of last year, which I guess is rather a long time now. The reason for this is a combination of work and the fact that they take quite a while to write, especially when you have to release them six at a time to make it worthwhile. I have plenty of ideas for new plugins, just not enough time to write them, but I am hoping to be able to release a new set sometime later this year; I certainly haven't stopped developing them all together.

In the meantime, I've been writing some more new software for RISC OS and updating my home page fairly frequently, so please feel free to visit it by clicking on the flying pig below and download some of my other programs!

The Flying Pig - 17th February 2001

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