armTeX 3.14159 - Release 3.1 beta


32-bit Iyonix compatible This is a temporary page where you can download release 3.1 of armTeX, a LaTeX port for RISC OS on ARM processors.

If you're just looking for a version of LaTeX to run on an Iyonix, you can skip straight to the Downloads section below and just download everything.

This release is 26/32-bit neutral for use on Iyonix machines. LaTeX is a document preparation system particularly adept at typesetting mathematical and scientific documents. Although this particular version of LaTeX will work only under RISC OS, other ports of LaTeX are available for just about every computing platform. See the LaTeX project page for more information about LaTeX.

Downloading armTeX

To use LaTeX on RISC OS, you'll need to download the two archives armTeX/zip and TeXFonts/zip below. In order to view compiled documents in DVI format, you'll need to download the DVIview/zip archive. The BuTeX archive contains some button bars for use with DVIview and Zap that you may find useful. Although combined these archives constitute a very large - 15Mb - download, I nonetheless recommend you download at least armTeX, TeXFonts and DVIview for a working armTeX system.

Just click on the links at the end of this page to download the files.

Previous versions of armTeX were distributed in smaller pieces, which made downloading easier but installation harder. If there is a demand I'll consider going back to this arrangement.

Other ways to obtain armTeX

Due to the size of the armTeX distribution, it may not be convenient to download it all. In this case, I will happily send you a CD containing all of the files available for download here at cost (probably about £1 in the UK or 3 euros in Europe). Contact me via email if you'd like details about this.

Previous armTeX releases

Previous releases of armTeX were maintained by Jakob Stoklund Olesen and David Bryan. The current release is largely just a recompilation of their excellent work, and all thanks for armTeX are due to them and earlier armTeX developers. Although they seem to be no longer maintained, the previous armTeX webpages are still available. See David Bryan's site or Jakob Stoklund Olesen's site for more details.

DVIview is the work of Paul Field. He has very generously allowed this to be recompiled and distributed in the 32-bit compatible form below.

Current status

The version of armTeX found here is an initial offering intended simply to get a working armTeX distribution for Iyonix and other 32-bit machines. It includes a pre-installed version of LaTeX2e, the Babel multilingual system, AMS extensions, metafont, and the web2c tools used for compilation. It does not yet include BibTeX or sources.

In due course full sources will be made available.

Paul Field has also generously agreed to allow DVIview to be released in open source form. The version available here does not come with source, but this will be made available once I've had the chance to package it properly.

Mailing list

A mailing list has been kindly set up by Theo Markettos to discuss all things TeX related on RISC OS, including armTeX.

If you'd like to subscribe, fill in your details on the riscos-tex mailing list page.


  • armTeX armTeX
    Version 3.10 (14 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    LaTeX is a document preparation system ideally suited for typesetting mathematical and scientific documents. One of the ports of LaTeX for RISC OS is called armTeX, which I've recompiled to be 26/32-bit neutral to work with Iyonix machines. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • TeX Fonts TeX Fonts
    Version 3.10 (14 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    Font package for armTeX. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • BuTeX BuTeX
    Version 0.52 (5 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    Some button bars for use with DVIview and Zap that may be useful when working with armTeX/LaTeX. More info...
    Download: binary.
  • DVIView DVIView
    Version 1.03 (5 Nov 2004) for RISC OS.
    A DVI file viewer for use with armTeX. More info...
    Download: binary.