Below is a list of projects I've worked on.

Previous Projects

Pico No more passwords! Passwords are a pain. Pico is a more usable and more secure replacement that does not require you to memorize any secrets.
BSc Projects Recent Tripos Part II projects.
PhD Projects I'm privileged to have supervised a number of PhD and MPhil students over the years.
VIBRANT Development of an Cloud-based cyber-security learning platform funded by the Higher Education Academy.
MakerEd Integrating Maker activities into the University's broader curriculum, funded by the LJMU Curriculum Enhancement Project scheme.
Automarking Introducing automatic marking to our first-year programming module, funded by the LJMU Curriculum Enhancement Project scheme
LJMU-GameJam Bringing students, industry and enthusiasts together for a 48-hour Game Jam in July, funded by the LJMU Curriculum Enhancement Project scheme.
Wi-5 H2020-funded project to improve performance and co-ordination between Wi-Fi hotspots.
PROTECT Research Centre for Critical Infrastructure Computer Technology and Protection.
Aniketos Secure and Trustworthy Service Composition, FP7-funded project.
ECENTRE England's Cybercrime Centre of Excellence Network for Training Research and Education, EU ISEC-funded project.
TRT(UK) Knowledge Transfer Collaboration with Thales (UK) Research and Technology.
Forsigs Innovative Digital Forensic Technologies, a commercial spin-out company.
NISTL Network and Information Security Technology Lab.
PUCsec Secure Component Composition in Personal Ubiquitous Computing Environments, EPSRC-funded project.
AOD Security Using DSAW to apply Aspect Oriented Development to Systems-of-Systems Security.