Postgrad Projects

During my time at LJMU I had the privilege to work with many excellent and motivated PhD and MPhil students. My completed students are listed below. Alongsie this is a list of the students who unfortunately I wasn't able to see to the end of their studies, since I departed LJMU to move to Cambridge before their completion.

Current Students (ongoing)

Norulzahrah Mohd Zainudin A Model and Implementation for Digital Forensic Investigation of Online Social Networks.
Mike Kennedy A Framework to Provide Dynamic Composition of a Secure System-of-Systems.
Behnam Bazli Using Network Structure to Enhance Security and Trust of Ubiquitous Computing Services
Aasif Sufi Distributed Digital Rights Management (DRM) System in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)
Rizuan Baharon Enhancing Security of Data and Their Related Processing in Cloud Computing
Mark Sabino An Architecture for Supporting Virtualised Systems-of-Systems

Previous Students (completed)

Chelsea Dobbins A Framework to Capture and Distribute Digital Memories.
Haseeb Ur Rahman An Entity-based Social Peer-to-Peer Network for Sharing Human Life Digital Memories.
Mazhar Ul Hassan A Novel Scheme for Securing Networked Appliances
Sohail Abbas A Layered Security Approach for Cooperation Enforcement in MANETs