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25 Aug 2019 : Scintillon gets 中文简体 (Chinese) translations #
I'm thrilled to announce that Scintillon, my Philips Hue app for Sailfish OS, now has Simplified Chinese translations included, thanks to the amazing efforts of Rui Kon! The app is up on OpenRepos and the Jolla Store, but it may take a couple of days for the changes to make their way through the Jolla Store validation process. 
19 Aug 2019 : Scintillon - Philips Hue app for Sailfish - release #
Oooh. Is that a new app release? Yes it is! Scintillon is a smart home app for Sailfish OS that allows you to control your Philips Hue lights. It's early days, with free bugs and missing features, so still very much a beta release. But I'm using it every day to control the lights in my flat, so it might be useful for some other Sailfish OS user out there too. Get all the details are on the Scintillon page, binary from OpenRepos and source from GitHub.  
17 Aug 2019 : Querying the cost of sharing code between iOS and Android #
I wrote a blog post! Does that count as news? It does round here. Dropbox recently dropped their strategy of sharing C++ code across mobile platforms and Eyal Guthmann wrote an article about it. It didn't convince me, so my post is a response about why using C/C++ to share code across mobile platforms is unreasonable if you do it right.