Waste and recycling tracking - all data

This page shows graphs for the complete set of data I've collected since August 2019 on the amount of rubbish I disposed of that year. For a clearer picture of the most recent data, see my current waste data page.

At time of writing this in August 2021 my overall average daily waste output over the last three years has been 177.89 g/day.

Below is a stacked histocurve showing the weight of waste I produced split by recycling category. The area under the graph represents my total waste output. Click on the graphs for larger versions.


Daily waste data histocurve


Some brief points to note about the graphs:

  1. Green categories are recycled by the council; general waste in red isn't recycled.
  2. This is output for a single person.
  3. Data points correspond to when I do the bins, roughtly fortnightly.
  4. For info about how the graphs are generated, see my Graphs of Waste posts on the topic.
  5. The script used to generate the graphs can be found on GitHub.

To view histograms showing the actual values recorded for each of the waste types, select one of the graphs below. They all have different scales on the y-axis, so they're not visually comparable.


Waste data histogram - General
Waste data histogram - Plastic
Waste data histogram - Compost
Waste data histogram - Returnables
Waste data histogram - Metal
Waste data histogram - Glass
Waste data histogram - Card
Waste data histogram - Paper


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