I'm David Llewellyn-Jones and this is my homepage. I'm a software engineer at Jolla, who's also interested in programming, security, privacy and graphics. I occasionally crave adventure and a good thunderstorm. You might be interested in my software, my research or my random musings.

Want to know more about me? Here's a personality sketch written by a psychologist when I was in school.

“David is of high intelligence, although lacking in true creativity. He has a need for order and clarity, and for neat and tidy systems in which every detail finds its appropriate place. His writing is rather dull and mechanical, occasionally enlivened by somewhat corny puns and by flashes of imagination of the sci-fi type. He has a strong drive for competence. He seems to have little feel and little sympathy for other people and does not enjoy interacting with others. Self-centered, he nonetheless has a deep moral sense.”

Wow. Harsh. But disturbingly accurate.

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19 Aug 2019 : Scintillon - Philips Hue app for Sailfish - release #
Oooh. Is that a new app release? Yes it is! Scintillon is a smart home app for Sailfish OS that allows you to control your Philips Hue lights. It's early days, with free bugs and missing features, so still very much a beta release. But I'm using it every day to control the lights in my flat, so it might be useful for some other Sailfish OS user out there too. Get all the details are on the Scintillon page, binary from OpenRepos and source from GitHub.  
17 Aug 2019 : Querying the cost of sharing code between iOS and Android #
I wrote a blog post! Does that count as news? It does round here. Dropbox recently dropped their strategy of sharing C++ code across mobile platforms and Eyal Guthmann wrote an article about it. It didn't convince me, so my post is a response about why using C/C++ to share code across mobile platforms is unreasonable if you do it right.
10 Jun 2019 : All the taste without the tracking #
Even though I've used Disqus for the comments on this site for aaaages now, it's always been a bit of a sore point. Not only does it slow down page loads, but even more seriously it allows Disqus to track users visiting my site, and I abhor tracking. So thanks to Michał Szczepaniak for spurring me into action, I've finally come up with a solution I can live with. Instead of loading the Disqus code automatically, you now have to hit a button at the bottom of the page to load the comments (take a look at this post for an example). Until you do that, Disqus can't track you, and page loading will be super fast. When I get time I'll do a proper comparison of the benefits and post it to my blog.
2 Jun 2019 : Pedalo... delayed Sailfish OS addition #
Back last year when I released Pedalo, a privacy-preserving app for measuring your relative cycling performance for Sailfish OS, I somehow forgot to add the download info. I've now added it to the Pedalo page.
24 Mar 2019 : GetiPlay 0.7-1 released #
I've just rleleased the latest version of GetiPlay (v0.7-1), an unofficial iPlayer app for Sailfish OS that lets you download and watch BBC TV and radio programmes. More details on the GetiPlay page, install the binary from OpenRepos, or get the MIT-licensed source code from github.