Static Styles

I have a suspicion that some people are going to find the distracting javascript background animations a bit annoying and will want to get rid of them. If you fall into this category, then this page is here to help out.

Just choose one of the styles on this page and the animations will be removed.

Note that the animations only turn up for some of the styles (the ones with a black background) anyway. I've also had to turn off the animations when the page is viewed using Internet Explorer, since there were some performance issues that I couldn't resolve with it.

  • Embossed - a light and airy paper-like style with raised edges. This used to be the standard style for the site, and probably will be again at some point in the future.
  • Crisp - a slightly cleaner look that some people may prefer.
  • Print - a very plain style that can be used for printing.
  • LJMU Plus Dream - the updated LJMU themed style.
  • LJMU Plus Plan - another of the updated LJMU themed styles.
  • LJMU Plus Achieve - similar to the previous two.
  • Nodiad - a green beveled style created for Nodiad.
  • LJMU Dream - this is my earlier attempt at an LJMU themed style.
  • LJMU Plan - another of the earlier LJMU themed styles.
  • LJMU Achieve - similar to the previous two.
  • NISTL - style created for the Network and Information Security Technology Lab.
  • Onyx - a black and white style with a bit of a flourish. What you might call high contrast for that serious look. This is currently the default style for the site.
  • Serenitatis - the moon and the stars.
  • Sketch - clean boxes and coloured hatching.
  • Sketch Constrained  - like Sketch, but with the max body width constrained. Apparently some people like this. Yuck!
  • Bokeh - a glimpse of the city night behind sharp focus strong horizontal lines. An ode to scrolling.
  • Bokeh Light - Bokeh, but locked to light mode.
  • Bokeh Dark - Bokeh, but locked to dark mode

The style may not stick to all pages, in which case you may be reverted to the standard Onyx style, animations and all.