A /now page, for sharing what I'm currently working on.


Right now I'm doing my best to get Sailfish OS to succeed as a mobile operating system that promotes user privacy and control. I do this by writing open source code for Jolla in Finland.

I'm currently mostly working on the Sailfish Browser, updating the engine to use Gecko ESR78. I also help write the Sailfish Community Newsletter.


Solving Curious Correspondence Club mysteries with Joanna; searching for ways for me to live in the same house as her again; walking in the Finnish forest. Sometimes combinations of these together.


I'm doing my best to learn Finnish (it really is quite challening), keeping my open source Sailfish apps up-to-date, and very slowly writing a paper about optimising regression discovery in software by analysiing source code on github.

I'm also working hard to promote the circular economy by measuring and reducing my waste output. I've got it down to less than 150g per day; looking for ways to get it lower.

Last updated

25 September 2021.



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