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24 Aug 2020 : Contrac 0.3.1 alpha now available #
The new version of Contrac is now available from OpenRepos and github. This is a small, but hopefully useful, update. The daemon now has persistent state, so if it's set to scan/advertise for beacons it will remain in that state even after a restart.
22 Aug 2020 : Contrac 0.2.1 alpha now available #
Another Contrac update. It now has a page to allow users to enter an officially-provided TeleTAN so that they can upload their diagnosis keys from the app to the Corona-Warn-App servers. This latest version is available from OpenRepos and as always the source is also available from github.
15 Aug 2020 : Waste data dump #
Just a small addition to my waste output, adding in some data I missed before. Less than a week of data averaging 188g/day, but which includes some weight I forgot to add previously, so it's kind-of a correction.
11 Aug 2020 : A year of rubbish #
With my latest waste data dump I've now reached a full year of data (366 days to be precise). I actually don't remember what triggered me to start this time last year and I didn't think I'd manage to keep it up. Here are the stats from the full set of data.

Total period:   2019-08-11 - 2020-08-11 (366 days)
Overall daily average:          231.22 g/day
Year 2019 daily average:        304.18 g/day
Year 2020 daily average:        187.57 g/day

So it seems my average daily output of waste is around 230g/day. It'll be interesting to discover whether that goes down as a result of me recording and keeping track of the data, but if you look at the graphs you can see a big chunk happens around Christmas, so my relatively low average for 2020 will inevitably go up.
11 Aug 2020 : Waste data dump #
It's been a bit of a gap - over 3 weeks - since my last waste data dump. And it's a bit of a strange one after a week in the UK and two weeks in quarantine. By necessity I was very frugal while stuck in my flat, especially given poor planning on my part meant that although I bought essentials, I forgot to get any of the little extravagances that I'd usually indulge in (biscuits, drinks, that kind of thing). So, I survived at least and my daily average waste output is way down at 1.17g/per day. That's the lowest its been for a while (it also hides my waste output while I was away).
9 Aug 2020 : Contrac 0.1.1 alpha now available #
The second release of Contrac is now available from OpenRepos. This version allows uploads to and downloads from the official Corona-Warn-App servers, although currently it's only set up to interact with the test servers.