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15 Jul 2020 : Waste data dump #
I've just put another waste data dump up. There's been a bit of an uptick, with my average up to 211g/day from 157g/day last fortnight. That's still okay though (below my target). Plastic and returnables seem to be the issue, probably because it's been so hot and I've been enjoying some cool beverages. At least I managed not to buy anything in a glass bottle.
7 Jul 2020 : Contrac 0.0.1 alpha now available #
The first release of Contrac, my Corona-Warn-App-compatible Exposure Notification app for Sailfish OS, is now available from OpenRepos. This is very much an alpha version, intended just for testing. It'll send and receive the GApple BLE beacons and store the results, but there's no capability to interact with the servers just yet.
4 Jul 2020 : Waste data dump #
It's been a pretty good fortnight as far as my waste output is concerned. Plastic and general waste are up slightly, but that's counterbalanced with no metal or glass used this fortnight at all, bringing my daily average to 157g/day over the last two weeks. I'm happy with that.