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25 Jan 2020 : Waste data dump #
Another waste data dump. Overall output was 1563g (averaging 224g per day), which is up on last week, but still well below my 300g aim.
19 Jan 2020 : The journey from ASP to PHP #
Read about my experiences converting this site from ASP to PHP on my blog.
18 Jan 2020 : Waste data dump #
Another week of waste, but my strategy of avoiding glass and tins seems to have paid off. My general waste was about average and my composted waste was more than I'd have preffered, but total waste output was very nearly half of my average from last year. If I can keep this up my new year's resolution will be in the bag.
11 Jan 2020 : Waste data dump #
After the new year started badly, I've managed to be much more restrained this week with my waste output. I'm trying my best to cut out tins and glass jars entirely, which at least I managed this week.
11 Jan 2020 : If my washing machine were a car, how fast would it travel? #
Want to know the answer? Check my latest blog post.
6 Jan 2020 : New Year's Resolutions #
My slighly late New Year's Resolutions.
6 Jan 2020 : Twitter Quine #
Quines, programs that print themselves out, are fascinating. Yesterday after a sleepless night I woke up with the urge to create a Twtitter Quine, the same as a quine except rather than print itself out, it posts itself to Twitter. The only real difference is the 280 character constraint. So my sleepless night was followed by an intense day of whittling characters away to get it to fit. See the results on the new QuineTwt page.
4 Jan 2020 : Waste data dump #
Yet another waste data dump, still bloated by Christmas leftovers, mostly glass bottles and a cabbage concoction that went off and started turning into a new life form. I had to compost it. My New Year's Resolution to reduce my waste output isn't working out well so far, but I blame that on 2019.
1 Jan 2020 : Waste data dump #
More waste data on the waste page. It's another high one, but mostly because it's for two people rather than one. My cyrrent average waste output over the last four months has been 326g per day, which breaks down as 44g paper, 6g card, 90g glass, 8g metal, 6g returnables, 75g compost, 34g plastic and 62g general waste (+1g rounding error).. One of my new year's resolutions is to reduce this to under 300g average per day in 2020. Honestly, I'm not sure whether this is a lot or not compared to the general population, but it's good to have goals.