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26 Dec 2019 : Waste data dump #
A Christmas waste data dump this week, with the new details on my waste page. This week included both Christmas and Joanna visiting, resulting in a big increase in waste across the board (wrapping paper, boxes, bottles!).
24 Dec 2019 : Merry Christmas #
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone who passes by here.
21 Dec 2019 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste measurements are up on my waste page. It's been nearly three weeks since my last data dump, primarily because I was in the UK for a week, but even taking that into account my waste usage has been really low. As a result I only just had to take out the bins. The timing is serendipidous, given that using my previous graphing method my waste output would have looked higher than normal on the graph. My new, more representative, histocurve makes the lower quantity of waste over the last few weeks clearly visible. With Chirstmas excess, and Joanna staying in my flat over the next two weeks, I don't expect it'll be staying this low next week.
18 Dec 2019 : Snow #
If I were still in the UK, snow might be considered premature. But I'm in Finland now, and snow is very much a thing at this time of year. So that's more than enough justification for me to roll out the annual snowy decorations on this site.
15 Dec 2019 : Curvy waste #
After blogging at some length about how to draw histograms with curves instead of bars, I've finally got around to updating my waste page with a histocurve rather than the very poor line graph representation I had before.
3 Dec 2019 : Graphs of Waste, Part 4 #
The final part of my Graphs of Waste series is now up on my blog. It looks at some of the potentialy pitfalls of using the histocurves developed through the first three parts. If you read the series, I hope you enjoyed it, and... well done!