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9 Dec 2016 : Cracking PwdHash #
On Wednesday Graham Rymer and I presented our work on cracking PwdHash at the Passwords 2016 conference. It's the first time I've done a joint presentation, which made for a new experience. It was also a very enjoyable one, especially having the chance to work with such a knowledgeable co-author.

The work we did allowed us to search for the original master passwords that people use with PwdHash. Passwords which are used to generate the more complex site-specific passwords given to websites, and which may then have been exposed by recent password leaks in hashed form. We were surprised, both by the number of master passwords we were able to find, and the speed with which hashcat was able to eat its way through the leaked hashes.

Running on an Amazon EC2 instance, we were able to work through the SHA1-hashed leak by generating 40 million hashes per second. In total we were able to recover 75 master passwords from the leak, as well as further master passwords from the and leaks.

Feel free to download the paper and presentation slides, or watch the video captured during the conference (unfortunately there's only audio with no video for the first segment).

Here are a few of the master passwords Graham was able to recover from the password leaks.
Domain Leaked hash Password
Stratfor e9c0873319ec03157f3fbc81566ddaa5 frogdog
Rootkit 2261bac1dfe3edeac939552c0ca88f35 zugang
Rootkit 43679e624737a28e9093e33934c7440d ub2357
Rootkit dd70307400e1c910c714c66cda138434 erpland
LinkedIn 508c2195f51a6e70ce33c2919531909736426c6a 5tgb6yhn
LinkedIn ed92efc65521fe5074d65897da554d0a629f9dc7 Superman1938
LinkedIn 5a9e7cc189fa6cf1dac2489c5b81c28a3eca8b72 Fru1tc4k3
LinkedIn ba1c6d86860c1b0fa552cdb9602fdc9440d912d4 meideprac01
LinkedIn fd08064094c29979ce0e1c751b090adaab1f7c34 jose0849
LinkedIn 5264d95e1dd41fcc1b60841dd3d9a37689e217f7 linkedin

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide whether these are sensible master passwords or not.


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