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24 Jun 2016 : A bit more. #
Not comfort at all, but looking at the results across the country, Cambridge was one of the few places in England outside London that voted to remain (overwhelmingly, 74% to 26%). I was also happily surprised given the north-south balance that Liverpool (58% to 41%) and the Wirral (52% to 48%) also voted to remain. That could be because both areas have benefited greatly from European investment, but that must be true of many other parts of England too. Maybe they're just saner people? Less surprising is that Castle Point voted overwhelmingly to leave (73% to 27%).
For me the argument about popular sovereignty was far more important than the argument about the economy and my guess would be that this persuaded many who voted to leave (although my darker more cynical side fears it may have been immigration). It's sad for me that this argument about sovereignty was exactly my reason for wanting to remain. So many important international decisions where the UK has now lost its voice and vote.


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