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11 Oct 2007 : Autumn #
Autumn at the Commercial Road to Vauxhall Road junction Every time the season changes my journey to work becomes far more enjoyable. It seems to happen so quickly. One day the trees are green and suffering the end-of-summer storms, the next day the air is still and crisp, and the world has turned a golden orange colour. Yesterday evening on my journey home there was a deep mist. The halo of the lights and the glowing golden trees made things feel just a bit magical.
I've decided that Liverpool is a beautiful place at this time of year. I'm sure this is true of everywhere else too, but It's only recently that I remember noticing such vibrant changes in the seasons. I was wondering why this might be, and then I realised. When we lived in Pall Mall there were basically no plants or trees on my way to work. A total absence of nature. Thinking about it, that's really strange, and it makes me realise how important it is to live where there is more than just concrete. It's also true that the relative harshness of the climate here (being a northern port city), compared to other places I've lived, is quite bracing. And also just a little annoying when you have to cycle somewhere!