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12 Sep 2007 : Deadly Shadows #
Deadly Shadows Kirkdale industry at dusk Industrial silhouette I've just finished the game Thief - Deadly Shadows. It's a great game, full of dark atmosphere. Like many of the games I enjoy most, it's always the atmosphere that makes the game immersive and enjoyable. What I particularly enjoy about Thief, is that it reminds me of wandering around the docks in Liverpool at dusk. With all of the industrial architecture and crumbling infrastructure it's a scary place, but with the continuously working industry -- container ships arriving all through the night -- it also feels alive with a kind of eternal energy. Whilst I enjoy visiting the docks I basically get too fearful to stay there when it gets really dark. Entirely psychological fear I'm sure. That's the beauty of Thief. You can do things you'd never dream of doing in real life, with some of the same fear, but without the consequences. The pictures are of the game and a couple of photos of Liverpool Docks I took trying to overcome my fear one summer evening!