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21 Apr 2007 : With Every HeartBeat #
Kleerup and RobynI felt rubbish this morning, but my day was saved by a beautiful piece of music. So much of the time, music seems to be in the background. It's so rare that you hear a song that's so powerful that you can't help but give in to its effect on your emotions. There's a track called "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," and every so often, I can understand it. Ironically, this track doesn't hold much power, but it has its truth nonetheless.
The music I heard today was called "With Every HeartBeat" by Kleerup and Robyn. It stopped me in my tracks and I swear I stopped breathing for the 4 minutes the track played.
Later I listed to "Be Mine," also by Robyn. It's another beautiful, if equally tragic, track. When you're not feeling too great they're utterly self indulgent. And beautiful. And somehow helpful.