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6 Mar 2007 : Spring #
DaffodilsA couple of days ago, on the 27th February in fact (the day before St. David's day) I suddently noticed hundreds of daffodils had appeared in the grassy patches that line my journey in to work. It felt like they'd just appeared overnight. I don't know if this is a reflection of what actually happened, or of my not noticing them earlier, but it was a very uplifting realisation. At the time, I put it down to my enjoyment of Spring as a season. After all, my birthday tends to fall in Spring so it's bound to enthuse me a bit! On further thought though, I realised that I feel uplifted at every change in the season. The onset of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are all exciting times. Perhaps it's the possibility of renewal, the chance for a change? Whatever it is, I'm hoping the optimism of the new season brings positive effects.