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23 Dec 2021 : We wish you a Merry Christmas... #
It's that festive time of year again, and so time to replace the usual decorations on this site with some snowy animations. Christmas eve is a holiday in Finland, so this evening is already feeling very relaxing, and I'm looking forward to a bit of a festive break. Merry Christmas!
23 Dec 2021 : Waste data dump #
This will likely be my last waste data dump of 2021. It wasn't a great week, essentially wrapping things up for the year means that my waste output was pretty much up across the board. My average for this last week was 203 g/day, which is even above my target. But hopefully it won't impact too much on the overall result. My next post on the matter will be my annual summary, so let's see how things look then.
6 Dec 2021 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste data is now online. There's been a gap of a month this time, because I spent half my time in the UK. As a result, my output is down to 80.93 g/day compared to my 2021 average of 120.14 g/day. That's deceptively low, although also pushed up as a result of me breaking a mug. So while compost, returnables, card and plastic were all predictably down, the rest were around my average. All predictable, given the circumstances.