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25 Sep 2021 : Now #
I've decided to trial a Now page. I'm not sure whether it's a great way to focus my priorities or just pretentious self-indulgence, but I thought I'd give it a go. Oh, who am I kidding, it's clearly the latter. Best-case scenario it'll turn out to be both if I can manage to keep it maintained.
25 Sep 2021 : Flagellum source now available #
The Flagellum source code is now availble on github under an MIT licence. Flagellum is the PHP beackend I use to generate this site, which I wrote about previously during the time I upgraded it from ASP last year. The whole site has grown so much since I started it in 1998 that it was pretty hard to separate out the generic parts from the site-specific parts. There are still a few lingering hard-coded strings that need moving into the config file, but nothing too intrinsic I hope. This, plus the fact I couldn't think of a good name, meant I never quite got around to it until now. In fact it's been on my to-do list for fifteen years, so rather a relief to finally get it done.
19 Sep 2021 : PwdHash 1.3.1 released #
I've released an updated version of PwdHash, now at 1.3.1. This version has a new fresh icon, updated graphics, a new cover page with cover actions, a clearable domain field and updated About page. It's also now available from all of the Sailfish OS repositories: the Jolla Store, OpenRepos and also now sailfishos:chum. Source is on GitHub.
19 Sep 2021 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste data is up on my waste page. It covers rather unusual month, with Joanna staying for most of it (twice the people) but most of the time spent in Jväskylä where I wasn't able to collect data (half the data missing). It's hard to come to any conclusions about the results therefore, apart from the fact that my glass output was up significantly (it's usually nothing). Overall output averaged at 109.75 g/day, but it's really not possible to read anything into that.
12 Sep 2021 : PwdHash 1.1.0 for Sailfish OS #
I've added PwdHash to my Sailfish OS page. The app is an updated version of khnz's PwdHash app, which supported the Stanford PwdHash algorithm. I've now added the Cambridge algorithm to it too. As I'm currently going through the process of updating all of my passwords from one to the other, getting the app to support it was an essential step in me getting my life running smoothly again.