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11 Sep 2018 : Meeting Agriculture PhD students from Africa and Cybersecurity academics from the UK #
One of the wonderful things about academia is that you you get to meet such varied individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. It was a real privilege to present at two very different events over the last week. On Friday I spoke to the latest cohort of the Cybersecurity Academic Startups Accelerator Programme. I spoke about scoping their MVPs (and especially, what not to do), and was impressed by their ideas and enthusiasm. They're doing great work, and it's needed now more than ever. Then yesterday I spoke to seventeen of the top PhD researchers working in Agriculture Research from across Africa. I know nothing about agriculture research, but was really happy to evangelise about how to create publication-quality graphs from data using automated tools. Even with my limited understanding of their research it was clear that the work these students are doing is really important, for example understanding the consequences of harvesting techniques on crops, and using longitudinal data to increase crop yeilds. I've added the slides for my talks to my presentations page.


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