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6 Aug 2018 : TapirMail source on GitHub: lightweight email for RISC OS #
Prompted by the very motivational RISC OS advocate Steffen Huber, I've started putting my old RISC OS source code up on GitHub. Steffen contacted me hoping to make some changes to TapirMail, the self-contained POP3 mail client I used to sell commercially. I wouldn't have expected anyone to still be interested in it, so thank you Steffen for proving me wrong!

Looking over the source code, I see I started coding it in 2003, with the last version released in 2013, so it's a decade-worth of on-and-off coding. I didn't use any version control for it back then, so the details of how it developed will be forever lost. I also coded differently back then. It was probably the first large C application I'd written from scratch, and my transition from using the BASIC interpreter shows: the main application is coded as a single 21,000-line source file! The full source is now available on GitHub released under an MIT licence, allowing you to judge my younger self. Expect more code-dumps of my old RISC OS software to follow in the future.


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