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27 Sep 2016 : Functy code moved to GitLab #
Finally, after many months (actually, more like years!) I've finally got around to moving the Functy code off SourceForge and on to GitLab. Getting it right took a big chunk of my holiday, but I reckon it'll have been worth it.
At the same time I've also split it into two separate projects: functy and libsymbolic. Grab nightly-built deb packages for Ubuntu from my private PPA. For the Windows installer I'm still figuring out where they should go (probably somewhere on this site, once I've moved the content off the now sleeping Functy blog).
SourceForge has been a great resource for such a long time and I'm sad to be moving on, but it's been through a lot recently, and not always in a good way. By contrast GitLab seems to be going in a really good direction. Using it on the Pico project has highlighted its strengths and I'm very optimistic for its future.


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