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22 Oct 2023 : Day 67 #
Over the last few days I've spent some time testing out and writing up instructions for how to build gecko. With that done I'm now back to the broken renderer, the fix for which is still eluding me.

This evening I've been looking through the nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame() method. I know the method is being called, but I'd like to be sure that an attempt is being made to actually render something, which means figuring out what happens inside the method.

Reading carefully through the code is quite time-consuming, but also doesn't leave me with much to write about today as I've mostly just been staring at code. Hopefully this will pay off both in terms of having something more interesting to write about in the future, and finding a solution to the rendering problem.

Tomorrow I intend to step through the code with the debugger to find out what is — and isn't — getting called. Unfortunately right now, just from reading the code, it's not at all clear what the active ingredient is. It looks to me like it's this call to PaintRoot():
  RefPtr layerManager = list->PaintRoot(
      builder, aRenderingContext, flags, Some(geckoDLBuildTime));
But until I've done the debugging I can't be certain. So that's it for today. Hopefully I'll have more to say in the coming days.

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