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12 Sep 2023 : Day 27 #
Disaster! Yesterday I set the build going overnight on my laptop. I'm currently at a conference so the whole desk arrangement is unfamiliar. I plugged the laptop into the USB charger and the USB charger into the socket. But I forgot to switch the socket on!

This morning I woke up to a dead laptop. So dead that the power button did nothing even when it was plugged into the mains.. It took 20 minutes of (fraught) charging before the thing would even agree to turn on. Once back up and running there was no sign of the previous night's build output. No surprise there.

Okay, I don't want to overdo it, things could have been a lot worse. Window arrangements aside, I didn't actually lose any work or data that can't be easily replicated.

But it does mean that I've started the day without knowing the result of the build I was hoping for, so no idea whether the changes I made yesterday succeeded.

There was some positive news today. A message from thigg on the forum raised an excellent question about whether I should be making better use of partial builds. Once I'm back up to speed with this build I'm going to see if I can improve my workflow.

As I mentioned, for the last few days I've been attending a conference. It's the last day today, which means a six hour train trip from Wales back to Cambridge. As long as I have a power socket on the train that should also be enough for me to do some gecko work!

Six hours and three train rides later...

Well, I did have a power socket on the train (yay!) but my laptop spent the entire journey compiling (boo!). So unfortunately I didn't get any coding done today. Disappointing.

Once I got home at 22:30 I left the build to continue running. It was still running when I climbed into bed in the summer heat.

Here's hoping I have better luck tomorrow.

As always, all my other posts are available on my Gecko Dev Diary page. They're good for reminiscing about those times I actually made progress.


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