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25 Jul 2022 : Carbon Cancel Culture #
If you've visited my site before you'll know I've been tracking my waste and CO2 output for a few years now. Last year I used the UNs Framework Convention on Climate Change to offset Joanna and my 2020 emissions. I tried to do the same back in December for our 2021 emissions but ran into trouble.

The site doesn't take payment itself, instead it hooks you up with the projects so you can pay directly. Unfortunately I experienced some difficulty trying to pay my preferred project at the time, and ultimately had to give up on it.

It's taken a while for me to catch up to it again, but I finally got around to trying with a different project. Happily I had more success on this second attempt, and our emissions are now being offset by RIPPLE Africa by providing lower carbon cooking stoves in Nkhata Bay District, Malawi.
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