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14 Feb 2022 : Backups all the way down #
My home server has spent the weekend completing an offsite backup. Duplicity provides a rather nice stats dump at the end of the process, so I now know that what felt like a full two days of poor internet connectivity was actually only 37 hours 10 minutes and 41.54 seconds. During this time it uploaded 122 GB of new and changed file data resulting from 113 GB of actual changes.

That's quite a lot of delta, considering the server stores 381 GB of data in total, and that's more than I actually thought was on there. Most of this is probably backups from my other devices which go to my home server, then into this backup here. Backups of backups. I've had need to rely on these backups in the past, so it's reasuring to know I have something recent now to fall back on.



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