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18 Feb 2024 : Day 160 #
It's been a long couple of days running an event at work, but now I'm on the train heading home and looking forward to a change of focus for a bit.

And part of that is getting the opportunity to take a look at the backtrace generated yesterday for the WebView rendering pipeline. I won't copy it out again in full, but it might be worth giving a high-level summary.
#0  PuppetWidgetBase::Invalidate (this=0x7fc4dac130, aRect=...)
    at mobile/sailfishos/embedshared/PuppetWidgetBase.cpp:274
#1  PuppetWidgetBase::UpdateBounds (...)
    at mobile/sailfishos/embedshared/PuppetWidgetBase.cpp:395
#2  EmbedLiteWindowChild::CreateWidget (this=0x7fc4d626d0)
    at xpcom/base/nsCOMPtr.h:851
#3  RunnableMethodArguments<>::applyImpl...
    at obj-build-mer-qt-xr/dist/include/nsThreadUtils.h:1151
#28 0x0000007ff6a0489c in ?? () from /lib64/
Now that I've mentally parsed the backtrace, it's clearly not as useful as I was hoping. But it is something to go on. The line that's causing the crash is the one with MOZ_CRASH() in it below.
PuppetWidgetBase::Invalidate(const LayoutDeviceIntRect &aRect)

  if (mozilla::layers::LayersBackend::LAYERS_CLIENT == lm->GetBackendType()) {
    // No need to do anything, the compositor will handle drawing
  } else {
    MOZ_CRASH("Unexpected layer manager type");
That means that lm->GetBackendType() is returning something other than LAYERS_CLIENT.

It would be nice to know what value is actually being returned, but it looks like this will be easier said than done with the code in its present form. There's nowhere to place the required breakpoint and no variable to extract it from. The LayerManager is an interface and it's not clear what will be inheriting it at this point.

While I'm on the train it's also particularly challenging for me to do any debugging. It is technically possible and I've done it before, but it requires me to attach USB cables between my devices, which is fine until I lose track of time and find I've arrived at my destination. I prefer to spend my time on the train coding, or reviewing code, if I can.

So I'm going to examine the code visually first. So let's suppose it's EmbedLiteAppProcessParentManager that's inheriting from LayerManager. This isn't an absurd suggestion, it's quite possibly the case. So then the value returned will be a constant:
  virtual mozilla::layers::LayersBackend GetBackendType() override {
    return LayersBackend::LAYERS_OPENGL; }
Again, there's nothing to hang a breakpoint from there. So I've added a debug output so the value can be extracted explicitly.
  LOGW("WEBVIEW: Invalidate LAYERS_CLIENT: %d", lm->GetBackendType());
  if (mozilla::layers::LayersBackend::LAYERS_CLIENT == lm->GetBackendType()) {
    // No need to do anything, the compositor will handle drawing
  } else {
    MOZ_CRASH("Unexpected layer manager type");
There's nothing wrong with this approach, except that it requires a rebuild of the code, which I've just set going. Hopefully it'll forge through the changes swiftly.

In the meantime, let's continue with our thought that the layer manager is of type EmbedLiteAppProcessParentManager and that the method is therefore returning LAYERS_OPENGL. The enum in LayersTypes.h shows that this definitely takes a different value from LAYERS_CLIENT:
enum class LayersBackend : int8_t {
Which does make me wonder how this has come about. Isn't it inevitable that the code will crash in this case?

I'll need to check if either the return value or the test condition has changed since ESR 78. But the other possibility is that it's something else inheriting the LayerManager class.


Now I'm back home and have access to the debugger. The code is still building — no surprise there — so while I wait let's attache the debugger and see what it throws up.
(gdb) p lm->GetBackendType()
$2 = mozilla::layers::LayersBackend::LAYERS_WR
(gdb) ptype lm
type = class mozilla::layers::LayerManager : public mozilla::layers::FrameRecorder {
    nsAutoRefCnt mRefCnt;
    virtual mozilla::layers::LayersBackend GetBackendType(void);
} *
(gdb) p this->GetLayerManager(0, mozilla::layers::LayersBackend::LAYERS_NONE, LAYER_MANAGER_CURRENT)
$2 = (mozilla::layers::LayerManager *) 0x7fc4db1250
Direct examination of the LayerManager doesn't show what the original object type is that's inheriting it. But there is a trick you can do with gdb to get it to tell you:
(gdb) set print object on
(gdb) p this->GetLayerManager(0, mozilla::layers::LayersBackend::LAYERS_NONE, LAYER_MANAGER_CURRENT)
$3 = (mozilla::layers::WebRenderLayerManager *) 0x7fc4db1250
(gdb) set print object off
So the actual type of the layer manager is WebRenderLayerManager. This is clearly a problem, because this will always return LAYERS_WR as its backend type:
  LayersBackend GetBackendType() override { return LayersBackend::LAYERS_WR; }
All this debugging has been useful; so useful in fact that it's made the debug prints I added on the train completely redundant. No matter, I'll leave the build running anyway.

Tomorrow I must find out where the layer manager is being created and also what the layer manager type is on ERS 78 for comparison.

If you'd like to read any of my other gecko diary entries, they're all available on my Gecko-dev Diary page.


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