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19 Jun 2022 : Waste data dump #
Time for my fortnightly-ish waste data dump again. The latest numbers have been added to the waste page. This fortnight I somehow managed to keep my waste output relatively low: 106.47 g/day on average, lower than my current average for 2022 of 135.62 g/day, There were no big standout values in the category, most of which were around average or below. So I'm not really sure how I managed to be more frugal than usual. Maybe being back in the office means lower lunch-related waste?
3 Jun 2022 : Waste data dump #
Another waste data dump to the waste page, this time covering two periods (I forgot to upload the last set of data at the time, but it doesn't actually affect the graphs or data at all). In this last period there's a bit of an uptick in general and paper waste. The former, I suppose, because Joanna was visiting for part of the period, and the latter, I expect, because I recycled all of the notes from my Finnish class that took place during the first half of the year. Quite a lot of notes, as it turns out. Overall my latest daily average is a bit too high at 148.94 g. I'll need to work quite hard if my daily average for 2022 (currently at 138.88g) is to come down below my daily average for 2021 (119.88g). I might even need to figure out some kind of strategy.