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18 Feb 2023 : The progress of time #
I've made some small updates to the Home, About and Now pages to reflect the fact I've now started at The Turing Institute. It's still early days and I'm still finding my feet there, so hopefully I'll have more to say about what I'm doing at the Turing in due course.
10 Feb 2023 : A state of flux #
I'm in a state of flux right now, as a move on from Jolla and head towards the Alan Turing Institute. I've updated my Now and About pages to reflect all this newness.
8 Feb 2023 : Covid Exposure Notification Out in the Open #
I've uploaded my slides and notes for my FOSDEM'23 presentation "Covid Exposure Notification Out in the Open" to the Presentations page. The video is also now up on the FOSDEM site. For some reason throughout the talk I say "Covid" instead of "Corona" when referring to the CWA, so if you watch it, please apply this fix: s/Covid Warn App/Corona Warn App/g
1 Feb 2023 : FOSDEM'23 app #
A small update, but I've tweaked fabrixxm's lovely Sailfish OS FOSDEM schedule app for 2023 and uploaded it to OpenRepos. It allows you to browse the FOSDEM tracks, peruse the talks in each track, read their descriptions and then favourite the ones you want to attend. It'll then show you which talk is next on your schedule. I remember using it for FOSDEM 2020 and thinking it was brilliant. Well, now it's updated for FOSDEM 2023 and added to the Sailfish OS page.