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7 Jan 2023 : Epiphany #
On the 12th day of Christmas... we took all the Christmas decorations down. It's 10°C here in the Cambridge, much warmer than the freezing -9°C Tampere temperatures. So it feels appropriate to be removing the snow from the site and replacing it with the more usual non-wintry animations.
1 Jan 2023 : Waste Data Dump #
I've posted up my final waste data dump of 2022 to the waste page. This means I now have a full year's worth of data for 2022 and over three full years of data in total. That's the good news. The rather sad news is that an uptick in my waste output in the last two weeks has pushed my 2022 average to 122.93 g/day, which is slightly more than my 2021 average of 119.88 g/day. I really thought I would make it under. That's Christmas for you. Back in January last year I pledged to "keep my average waste down to below 200 g per day on average". I'm happy I achieved this, but secretly wanted to get my output lower than 2021 as well. Never mind! I'll be writing up a full analysis of my waste output as part of my annual environmental audit in the coming days.