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30 Apr 2022 : Waste data dump #
For logistical reasons, it's just a week since my last waste data dump. But now there's fresh data on the waste page. My daily waste average this week was 166.83 g, which is actually rather high. I'm not sure why that is, but compost is the only category that's noticeably high, so I have a suspicion it's a consequence of broccoli.
25 Apr 2022 : Waste data dump #
I'm a bit more back on track with my waste output this last fortnight, with the data just uploaded to my waste page. Last time my average daily output jumped to 270.50 g/day, but now it's back down to 137.93 g/day, which is only very marginally higher than my 2022 average of 136.64 g/day. Everything was pretty normal apart from my waste paper output, which was up slightly. Unfortunately this is still a fair bit higher than my 2021 average of 119.88 g, so I still need to work on getting it down.
11 Apr 2022 : Waste data dump #
A little late, but I've just uploaded another two weeks of data to my waste page. It wasn't a great week waste-wise, mostly a combination of Joanna visiting (more people) and my birthday (wrapping!). Which means that almost everything was up (general, compost, card and paper). My daily average over the fortnight was 270.50 g/day, double my 2022 average up to this point of of 136.44 g/day. I'll have to try to rebalance that in future periods.