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26 Mar 2022 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste data is now uploaded to the site. The numbers are up on the last set of values, but only because I was away for half of the previous period. My waste output for the last fortnight has actually been pretty average, just a slight reduction in card and paper compared to normal.
13 Mar 2022 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste data has been added to the waste page. I spent a week away from home, wich has brought down my average. On top of that I also spent a few days working in the office rather than at hoe, which likely brought it down even further. As a result I reached a very low 68.50 g/day, taking my average so far for 2022 to 116.87 g/day. Partitioning the data into waste types, I was also down across all categories except for returnables. As it gets warmer, I'm likely to buy more soft drinks, so this is the start of my returnables increasing.