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4 Jul 2021 : GetiPlay 1.0-1 released #
A new version of GetiPlay, my app for accessing BBC radio and TV programmes on Sailfish OS, is now available. This is an exciting jump to version 1.0, which doesn't really mean anything except that it now seems pretty stable. But I have made some big internal changes. Most notably, this new version updates the underlying get_iplayer from 3.22 to 3.27. It drops the internal ffmpeg for the OS-supplied version. It also introduces lots of new build steps, so that the get_iplayer Perl dependences, and the internal AtomicParsley utility, can be built automatically. Previously I had to do this manually, which was a weekend of work for three platforms. Now it's just a few hours of work occupying my laptop rather than me. The source is available on GitHub and binaries are available on OpenRepos.