iCalendar Generator

iCalendar Generator diary Here you can generate iCalendar files by filling out the form below. Simply add in the details of the calendar entry you want, and click 'Generate'. An iCalendar file will then be generated that can be used to add entries to your digital calendar (e.g. on your phone).

I've actually been using this on my site for a while now to generate the calendar entries on my Teaching page, but thought it might be handy to create a more generally accessible interface to it.

Note that all timezones are UTC, since this is all that Outlook will apparently accept. Sorry about this; it means you have to do the time conversion manually. Urgh. Your timezone is apparenty unknown.

You may be asked to share your location data. This is just for convenience to fill out the location field.

Start date: (e.g. "21/5/2011" or "Next Wednesday").
Start time: UTC (e.g. "17:30").
Duration: (e.g. "1:30").
Frequency: (repeat period).
Interval: (number of periods between events).
Count: (number of times event occurs).
iCalendar file.

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