BSc Projects

Antoanela completed her dissertation looking at the security and resource usage of Picosiblings. She used Nexus phones to test Picosibling BLE communicationos, building a tailored Android version to support locking the phone when it leaves the Picosiblings' auro of security.

Adam ported the Pico app to run on iOS, to include QR code scanning, the core SIGMA-I protocol and Touch ID. In the process he managed to increase the speed of authentication by a factor of over 3.5.

Antoanela Siminiuc Unlocking Pico with Picosiblings BA 2016  
Adam Roberts Pico for iOS BA 2017 Supervised in collaboration with Seb Aebischer


  • Adam Roberts, Pico for iOS, Computer Science Tripos - Part II, St Johnís College, Cambridge, UK, 18 May 2017. Supervised in collaboration with Seb Aebischer.
    Download: pdf.


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