For some time now I've been using GLib, GTK+2 and various other libraries to develop software. Because it's been mostly for work, none of it has actually made it out into the open.

I'm therefore pleased that I've finally got round to actually releasing some stuff. Feel free to download them below. You can also take a look at the public portions of my git or SVN repos, or my GitHub and SourceForge accounts.

The downloads have mostly been set up to be built on both Linux (using the auto tools) and Windows (using MinGW and dodgy batch files), which is one of the neat by-products of using GLib.

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  • svx2vdb svx2vdb
    Version 0.01 (2 May 2015) for Linux.
    Converts Simple Voxel SVX files to OpenVDB format. This can be useful, for example, for viewing voxel solids using vdb_view before 3D printing them. More info...
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Aniketos-SSVV Aniketos-SSVV
    Version 0.01 (25 May 2014) for Linux and Windows.
    Validates the security properties of Web Service compositions. Provide a composition in the form of a BPMN process with Web Services bound to service tasks and a security policy, and the SSVV toolchain will verify the processes against the security policy, ordering them based on security.
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Dandelion Dandelion
    Version 1.00 (8 Aug 2013) for Linux and Windows.
    Dandelion is an Open Source 3D graph rendering application that can be controlled across the network. It's main purpose is to allow clear network graphs to be rendered in a window, which can be controlled by a separate application or the user. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • Knot3D Knot3D
    Version 0.00 (1 Jul 2013) for Linux and Windows.
    Knot3D is an open source Celtic knot rendering application. It'll render standard knots on a 2D plane with a 3D weave. It also generalises these to allow proper 3D knots to be rendered. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • ConSpecEdit ConSpecEdit
    Version 0.00 (2 Jun 2013) for Linux and Windows (Eclipse).
    ConSpecEdit is an open source (LGPL) Eclipse plugin that integrates with the Eclipse workbench and allows ConSpec XML files to be loaded in, edited, saved out and managed within other Eclipse projects. The editor provides a user interface for making changes to the ConSpec file. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • Curves Library Curves Library
    Version 0.01 (5 May 2012) for Linux and Windows.
    Curves is a library for rendering curves in 3D using OpenGL. It allows a variety of curves to be rendered including Bezier tubes and arbitrary curves that follow a parametrically defined path function and with a parametrically defined radius. More info...
    Download: source, screenshot.
  • Functy Functy
    Version 0.22 (25 Jun 2009) for Linux and Windows.
    Functy is an open source 3D graph drawing package built using OpenGL and GTK+2. The emphasis for the application is to allow Cartesian and spherical functions to be plotted and altered quickly and easily. This immediacy and the vivid results are intended to promote fun exploration of 3D functions. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.
  • Symbolic Library Symbolic Library
    Version 0.21 (15 Jun 2009) for Linux and Windows.
    Symbolic is a library for manipulating mathematical expressions. Expressions are stored in a structured symbolic form allowing various operations to be performed on them, such as simplification, differentiation and simple theorem proving. It's used by Functy, so at the moment the projects live together in the same place. More info...
    Download: source.