Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS is the operating system that powers the Jolla smartphone. It's an evolution of the Maemo/MeeGo Linux distribution that started life on the Nokia tablets back in 2005.

During its rather tumultuous life it's evolved from a trailblazing tablet OS to possibly one of the most open and interesting smartphone OSes. Applications are built using the venerable QT framework with gestures and dialogue stacks at the core of its approach to interaction. At the same time it's a true Linux distribution allowing existing applications to be rebuilt and redeployed easily (you can even fire up GCC on the phone to build them in situ or hack away at Python if that's your bag).

Personally I've been using Maemo/SailfishOS since buying an N810 around 2008, followed by an N900 and then a Jolla phone. On this page you can find out about some of the software I've developed for the OS, as well checking out my 3D printed The Other Half covers produced in agreement with Jolla.


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