I'm David Llewellyn-Jones, a Research Data Scientist for The Alan Turing Institute at the British Library in London. I occasionally crave adventure and a good thunderstorm.

I'm interested in programming, privacy, maths and graphics. I'm a proponent of open source, open research, and end-users' right to privacy and control. I strive to contribute to a circular economy.

This site has been capturing my thoughts and outputs on these topics since 1998, including my software, research and random musings.

Want to know more about me? Here's a personality sketch written by a psychologist when I was in school.

“David is of high intelligence, although lacking in true creativity. He has a need for order and clarity, and for neat and tidy systems in which every detail finds its appropriate place. His writing is rather dull and mechanical, occasionally enlivened by somewhat corny puns and by flashes of imagination of the sci-fi type. He has a strong drive for competence. He seems to have little feel and little sympathy for other people and does not enjoy interacting with others. Self-centered, he nonetheless has a deep moral sense.”

Wow. Harsh. But disturbingly accurate.

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18 May 2024 : Gecko dev diary #
I'm back to writing my daily Gecko dev diary again. Staring with a recap of things that have been happening over the last two weeks while I was taking a break from it. There will be updates daily.
12 May 2024 : Seeded Celtic Knots #
I've updated my Celtic Knot generator so that you can now add a "seed" value. This means you can copy the value and use it again in the future to generate the same knot again. You can also transfer the seed over to my 3D Celtic Knot app and the same knot will be generated there as well. Thanks to user tropez for the suggestion.
6 May 2024 : Some new presentations #
I've updated my presentations page with a few new recent items: "Benchmarking AI applications on GPUs" (Foundation Models Reading Group), "FOSDEM conference overview" (REG Tech Talk) and my upcoming presentation at Durham HPC/AI Days on "Matching AI Research to HPC Resource through Benchmarking and Processes".
6 May 2024 : Gecko dev diary pause #
As I explained in my latest post, I'm pausing my Gecko dev diary for two weeks while I attend Durham HPC/AI Days 2024 and sort a few other things out in my life afterwards. I'll be back up and writing daily again from Saturday 18th May.
5 Feb 2024 : FOSDEM'24 presentations #
I've uploaded my slides for my two FOSDEM presentations last weekend to the Presentations Page.