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About me

My name is David Llewellyn-Jones and I'm CTO of Cambridge Authentication, a spinout from the University of Cambridge that's commercialising Pico. Pico is a way for people to authenticate themselves to computers and services using their phone. To recycle the phrase the company uses to introduce itself: "it makes employees more productive and more secure by liberating them from passwords".

Before founding Cambridge Authentication I spent my time as a Research Associate in the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge, working on the Pico Project run by Frank Stajano.

Even further back in time, before moving to Cambridge I was Reader in Computer Security at Liverpool John Moores University in the School of Computer Science. I worked on various projects relating to security, secure component composition, networks and graphics, amongst others. For more info about all this, take a look at my research pages.


I also spent some time working for Codemasters in Leamington Spa programming computer games as an experienced programmer. I worked with an amazing team on the UI, game logic, audio and networking code for TOCA/Pro/DTM Race Driver released for PC, PS2 and Xbox (fun times).

I completed my PhD at the University of Birmingham, researching under Richard Kaye in mathematical Model Theory.

Joanna The subject of my thesis was a mathematical structure known as Presburger arithmetic (or Z-Groups as they are also called), which is effectively the 'addition' part of arithmetic. Although all of the models which I looked at contain the integers, they will also often have extra 'infinite' elements larger than any of the integers but which behave in similar ways. I looked especially at automorphisms of the models, which constitute mappings which go from a model to itself; in other words they rearrange the elements of the model whilst still preserving its essential properties. You can read more about this on my maths pages.

For all of my life I've been an avid programmer, including graphics programming. For computer related things have a look at my computer pages. I like to combine my interests, for example developing the Functy application for generating mathematically defined 3D images. Recently I've also been really taken by 3D printing, and you can print your own copies of my designs from my Shapeways shop.

The love of my life is my beautiful wife Joanna. We married in 2000 and you can see how lovely she is in the photo on the left.

Joanna and I live together in Cambridge, along with two recent additions to our household: Pickle and Ninja, two Russian Dwarf Hamsters (I'll add a couple of photos as soon as I've coaxed them out of their bedding for long enough to take one).


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